Work Experience

[1999-Present] @ UNIVERSITY
Lecturer, Electronics Technology Programme
Occupation or position held
Technical education
Main activities and responsibilities
[2008-Present] Research and Development
General Manager, Project manager and Senior Design Engineer
Occupation or position held
Electronic and software research and development
Main activities and responsibilities


Doctor of Philosophy

Doctor of Science, Engineer
Title of qualification awarded
University of Sofia, Electrical engineering, Electronics and Automation

Master of Science Degree

Master of Science, Engineer
Title of qualification awarded
Ahmet Yesevi Üniversity, Computer Science Engineering Faculty, Bachelor of Science Engineer Degree

Bachelor Degree

Becholar of Science, Engineer
Title of qualification awarded
Uludag University, Elektronical Engineering Faculty, Bacholar of Science Engineer Degree

Mother Language: Turkish

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  1. "GAIA DSP Workstation" Sound and vision processing using TMS 32010. Design of the DSP module together with the development of an user Interface under PC windowing environments. Winner, 1992-1993 TUBITAK* Project Contest.
  2. "Data Acqusition Lab/ Card" Design of a PC based analog/digital data acqusition card fulfilling The needs of Digital Signal Processing. Second Place, 1991-1992 TUBITAK Project Contest
  3. "Signal Analysis and Fourier Synthesis PC usage in wave form analysis in which Fourier analysis and Mathematical modelling are involved. Encouragement Award, 1990-1991 TUBITAK Project Contest. (*TUBITAK: The Scientific & Technological Council of Turkey)


Member of bursary and aid commission I like sharing, helping the people, living together with the society and being sensitive and also if I try to express myself, I am a nature-lover



Software :
  • Compiler Development
  • RTOS
  • Linux
  • IoT software
  • ASM/C/C++ for embedded ARM7/9/11
  • Cortex
  • M3/M4/Dual Core
  • M16C/M32C/M32R/ RH850 Family (Automotive-AUTOSAR) microcontrollers
  • VHDL
  • Complete TCP/IP V4/v6 software stack development
  • native C / C++ / C# /Delph
  • Communication protocols
Hardware :
  • Energy Saving
  • Smart Grid
  • Led laser technology
  • FPGA
  • Multilayer layout (PCB design)
  • Protel
  • Altium

  • Design experience with embedded microcontroller & microprocessor system hardware and software design and ASM/C programming with varios RTOS
  • IoT, IoT based power management
  • digital video and CCD based camera system design
  • image processing and computer vision algorithms and theory
  • implementing 1D, 2D and 3D signal processing algorithms in hardware, software, and FPGA's
  • embedded C programming of PC's for system control; design of high speed, complex multilayer surface mount and through-hole PCB's; interfacing with various UL and FCC compliance testing procedures.
  • Also skilled in handling project management of large teams; concurrent design
  • reverse engineering; doing feasibility studies
  • preparing proposals, writing technical and academic papers.
  • Searching conceptual leaps beyond the current problem.
  • Projects worked on are or have been used in consumer, industrial, medical, research markets.
  • System designs for custom test equipment and consumer products, including cameras and other devices to provide images and live video on demand.
  • Successful designs using Xilinx FPGAs, along with commercial processors and chipsets, for the development of timing, FPGA security, and data separation applications, utilizing Verilog, Modelsim, Viewlogic, Windows based platforms.
  • Experienced in the use of logic analyzers and sophisticated test equipment along with development of custom tools, including data collection hardware, for instruction and address tracing of microprocessor bus activity during benchmarking.
  • Software / admin experience with "C"/"C++" Windows environments.
  • Experienced consumer product development ( HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP, USB) as a project and design lead with experience in embedded RTOS, digital design (PLDs, FPGAs, simulation), analog design (A/D, D/A, DC/DC, AC/DC), & PCB design.

  • Automotive base
  • ABS-EBS-ECU hardware, software, and embedded software components, complex algorithms, and model development, and lower-level middleware, embedded software development, AUTOSAR (AUTomotiveOpen SystemARchitecture), Error and standards for functional safety(ISO 26262, ISO11898)
  • Vehicle signal / data tracking and troubleshooting, ISO 26262 functional safety, ISO 11898-2 CANbus, SAE J1939, SAE J1587
  • Multi-layer PCB design in accordance with automotive standards, multi-layer PCB design in accordance with military standards, high frequency PCB design, magnetic, EMC, EMI modeling, high-speed data capture and storage (such as CANBUS) equipment development,
  • AEC-Q100/EMC/EMI/LVD/ROHS/UL/CE/TS-en standards, ECU and sub-components electronic circuit designs, embedded and other software, AGV-auto-guided vehicles / fast and safe unmanned transport vehicles (Li-Ion), vehicle internal communication systems. CANBUS, receiving live data, parsing, extracting meaningful data from BUS signals, classification.

  • Mechanics
  • Varius, Developement 3D modeling software for 3D printers.
  • Cartesian coordinate robot arm design and its implementation. The design completed with aluminium and implemented .
  • Laser based PCB processing and its mechanical design and implementation.


Playing Guitar, wooden sculpture and processing, trekking, camping, visiting historical places, taking the picture with camera.


Main researches; IoT, Energy Saving, Robotics, Power Electronics, Medical Electronics, DSP/DIP.




COMPRO 304 Welding Machine Control Unit
Constant Current Spot welding machine control unit. Control unit developed for Mistas corp. between 1995-1996. Used at OYAK RENAULT, TOFAŞ and OPEL otomotive. Constant current control between 3000-60000 Amper
WMM&MS Welding Machine Management & Monitoring System
RS485 Multi Drop Networking of Compro 304 control units for central administration. Both hardware and software were developed for Mistas between 1995-1996.
Home Computing
In order to control electrical house properties over a telephone line with tele secretary guidance. Developed for DemirDöküm INC. 1999. Absolute.
Medical Camera Design
It was designed for capture video imaging based on CCD sensor for medical application. 1.3Mpixel, composite and YUV 10bit resolution analog output, PAL/NTSC.-2004
100Mbit TCP/IP Ethernet based, industrial computer hardware design compatible with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), MRP2 (Manufacturing Resource Planning) .
Designed for very hard industrial environment for online data management for ERP/MRP2 systems. Controlling and managing the Industrial Machines on based internet were some of the functions this unit. -2006
Semi-Automatic unmanned load vehicle for heavy Storage System
Designed for Electronic Control Unit (ECU) for Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV). Semi- Automatic unmanned load vehicle for heavy storage warehouses. All AGV's are connected to central control software with Wifi.-2013
Automated Mobile Archive Storage - Electronic Hardware and Software
It consists of set of cabinets which open and close on specially prepared rails with the help of redactor driven chain.-2014
Automated Mobile Racking System - Electronic Hardware and Software
It’s a kind of back to back storage system which can move on the direction of the aisle as block, and which is founded on mobile chassis hence increasing the capacity of the warehouse without losing direct access to each pallet. -2014
Heavy Vehicle ABS/EBS - Electronic Hardware and Software
Electronic ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), EBS (Electronic Brake System) hardware and software design and development. 2017-
TKC004 Hand Held Heavy Vehicle Diagnostic Device
Hand Held Heavy Vehicle Diagnostic Device hardware and software design and development. 2017-
TKC008 Heavy Vehicle Diagnostic Bech
Heavy Vehicle Diagnostic Bech hardware and software design and development. 2017-
AI Based TKC009 Heavy Vehicle Diagnostic Bech
AI based Heavy Vehicle Diagnostic Bech hardware, software and AI design and development. 2017-